A website is a digital storefront of your business. In the modern age, no matter what industry you operate, a clean, professional website is a very important tool. It’s often the first place a potential client, customer, partner or anyone interested in your business will look. Before any business is considering investing in a marketing strategy a solid website must be already be in place. The Brandsmen design and develop websites for our clients. Our experience in design, marketing, and branding give us a unique perspective in which we look at each website through 3 different lenses.

  1. A Business Lens: The ultimate objective of any website is to grow your business. This is the first thing we consider when creating a new website.
  2. A Design Lens: The style and layout of a website is a hugely important in branding.
  3. An SEO Lens: In addition to designing website for people to enjoy, we also setup our websites in a way that best serves search engine crawlers so they are setup to rank well organically.

Here are some examples of websites we’ve designed and developed.